IP Security

IP Security

IP Security

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ICT Security (Insoft Specials)


 Feb 27 to Mar 2, 2018

May 29 to Jun 1, 2018

Sep 3 to Sep 6, 2018

Nov 26 to Nov 29, 2018

Course Details

IP Security

This course shows how to assess IP network security against unauthorized access and DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, moreover it explores the hacking techniques and provides guidelines to increase the IP-based applications security through an appropriate choice of devices and communication protocols.

  • Firewall functions
  • Network Hacking
  • NAT and PAT
  • Types of Firewalls: Packet Filtering, Stateful Inspection, Application Proxy
  • Trusted and Untrusted Zone, DMZ
  • Firewall Testing, IDS and IPS
  • Authentication and Encryption
  • Digital Certificates and CA
  • SSL and HTTPS protocols
  • AAA procedures
  • VPN LAN to LAN and Client to LAN
  • VPN IPSec
  • Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
  • VPN SSL (Clientless)
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) 802.11b/g/n
  • Types of WLAN attacks

This course is intended for technicians working with network and computer protection, as well as for security systems designers.

LAN and TCP/IP protocol suite basic understanding.

All the theoretical lectures are integrated with practice sessions. Firewalling and VPN laboratories are equipped with the latest generation devices.