VMware Identity Manager: Deploy and Manage with AirWatch

VMware Identity Manager: Deploy and Manage with AirWatch

VMware Identity Manager: Deploy and Manage with AirWatch

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Desktop & Mobility
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Course Details


This two-day course focuses on the basic skills that you need to effectively incorporate VMware Identity Manager™ with your existing software-as-a-service implementation of VMware AirWatch®. The course includes a hands-on component in which you will configure VMware Identity Manager to sync with Active Directory and VMware AirWatch. You will gain the necessary skills to effectively manage the VMware Identity Manager console and deploy applications on a conditional basis.


Students should bring their own devices to class to complete the lab exercises. Anyone using an iOS device should ensure they are running iOS 10+ for optimal performance.


Product Alignment
• VMware AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management™ V9.1
• VMware Identity Manager V2.8
• Workspace ONE V2.3


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
•  Explain the fundamental capabilities of VMware Identity Manager and VMware Workspace™ ONE™
•  Effectively navigate and execute critical tasks in the VMware Identity Manager console
•  Enable single sign-on for enterprise applications for mobile devices
•  Install the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and establish Active Directory integration
•  Integrate VMware Identity Manager with VMware AirWatch


1 Introduction to Workspace ONE and Architecture
2 VMware Identity Manager Overview
3 VMware Enterprise Systems Connector
4 Integrate and Configure Directory Services
5 VMware Identity Manager Console Overview
6 Users and Groups
7 Configure Access Policies
8 Integrate AirWatch with VMware Identity Manager
9 Configure User Authentication with VMware Identity Manager
10 Mobile Application Management Fundamentals
11 AppConfig Community
12 Unified Catalog
13 Implementing iOS Mobile SSO
14 Next Steps


• System administrators, mobility administrators, identity-as-a-service administrators, solutions architects, solutions engineers, sales engineers, consultants, installers, and implementation specialists


• Experience with AirWatch Administrative Console


  Sep 12 - Sep 13, 2018
  Sep 26 - Sep 27, 2018
  Nov 19 - Nov 20, 2018
  Feb 27 - Feb 28, 2019
  Apr 17 - Apr 18, 2019
  Jun 18 - Jun 19, 2019