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NSE 2 – Network Security Core Solutions

  • Introduction

    On NSE 1, you learned about the problems facing organisations and basic concepts of The Threat Landscape.

    During NSE 2 Training, you will learn about The Evolution of Cybersecurity. Including, types of security products that security vendors created to address those problems.

    This course is the second level within the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program.

    The NSE 2 is available online for free online. However, those who want to pursue a professional career in Fortinet Products can start with the NSE4 Training.



    Who Should Attend?

    All Fortinet Partners and Employees are encouraged to obtain the NSE 2 certification, as well as NSE 1 and NSE 3 certifications.

    NSE 2 is not required to start with the professional level of the NSE Program. Therefore, if you wish to become a network security professional, you can start with the NSE 4 training.



    How can I get the Fortinet NSE 2 exam answers?

    You can find the exam answers after attempting each quiz. Besides, in case you get the answers wrong, you can retake the quiz.



    How Can I prepare for the NSE 2?

    No major preparation is needed. The NSE 2 is a 4-hour course that is available online, for free. At the end of the video session, there is a multiple choice questionnaire.

    To complete this course, you must successfully complete the lessons and pass all questionnaires, each with a score of 80% or better.

    After completing the lessons, the quizzes, and the course rating, you will be able to download your course completion NSE 2 certificate.


    Program Requirements

    Completion of all lessons and quizzes within The Evolution of Cybersecurity course.


    How to Enroll in NSE 2 Training?

    To enrol in the NSE 2 The Evolution of Cybersecurity course, you must have an account on the NSE Institute. For instance, Fortinet partners must enter through the partner portal.

    Once logged in the NSE Institute, use the following link to enrol in this class: NSE 1 The Threat Landscape.


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